Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers", documentary from HBO

This new and engaging documentary was watched last night on HBO.  It was no bathroom break material.  Music can be an emotional experience and this could leave one in a shambles.  It was the history of this folk/country and hard to compartmentalize group, built around the recording of an  album in 2014.  Seth and Scott Avett are the key performers along with an amazingly tight band.  From their home areas in North Carolina to their recording studio location in the L.A. area, to performing at Madison Square Garden, and small clubs around the south,  familiarity with locations added to a personal attraction.  The phenomenon of this group was not similarly familiar.  They are an original force, or so it seems after watching.  Radar alerted.  Google shows that the father of the Avett Brothers, Jim, was at times a performer at Union Grove, NC.  That was a time.

The film is about dedication to their art, family, and the impact of major life events.  All of this is intertwined with their music and the heartfelt songs they write to share their experience.  Here, it airs again tonight on HBO 2.  How many stars are there?  It is recommended.


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