Friday, February 09, 2018

White House chaos

It is clear that Stone Age chief of staff John Kelly knew about Rob Porter's inability to get a security clearance and the reason why.  It is also highly likely that, following rules of hierarchy, he told Trump about this two months ago and, in clipped military language, it was dismissed as an issue.  Porter's fealty to Trump was unquestioned, crossing off the most important criteria.  That Porter was efficient and from Trump central casting made this an easy call.  Decision made.  Next.

When information about wife beating became public, the White House speakers praised Porter's work, saying that his resignation was regrettable but understandable. They noted that his departure date was to be determined.  Then photos showed up and they panicked.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders apparently revealed that there is some limit to her well honed lying.  Her male assistant was front and center yesterday.  Ivanka Trump, having been moved from her center stage role by Kelly in recent months, was opportunistically appalled by the photos.  Porter's bags are now immediately being packed.  The story will continue...


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