Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Short riffs

--- Democrats are already talking about how they will win the mid-terms... Steny Hoyer... way too soon, making same mistake again... if the marginal voters in the U.S. are now open or closet hard right, nothing is certain.

---Georgia and Delta---outside of Atlanta and Athens, the state is just as illiberal and intolerant as panhandle Florida, Alabama, and Mississipi.  Delta is stuck although new slots can be rejected.  Stay away Amazon.

---Goodbye Hope Hicks... you tried to claim the ridiculous executive privilege on most things but the "white lies" comment could not be tolerated by the boss, after all he has done for you.

---Corporate tax cuts not spent on buybacks and one time bonuses, or investment spending, will obviously be spent on technology... leading to a one or two years boost in productivity at best, but after that more job losses.  Not just industry but the service economy has miles to go with increased automation.

---Trump talking about Billy Graham was nauseating on all counts.


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