Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Questions of the day...

---What is pushing this equity market up other than the lack of alternative investments?  Not complaining but some stability would now be reassuring.

---Why do I think of Stephen Miller as a canker sore on the Presidency?

---When they have the advantage, why do Democrats sabotage themselves with thoughtless far too broad characterizations ... see "deplorables" by Hillary Clinton and now "immoral" by Nancy Pelosi?Trump is completely amoral and his supporters favor his symbolic concrete wall, but they are not immoral for doing so, just sort of stupid, but don't say that either.

---This season's Ray Donovan has one more episode left and one thing is certain.  It seems impossible that everything could be resolved in this much darker New York City version of the series.  That means another season is in the works.  Will family "values" eventually override everything and Bridget become the new Ray?

---Is Marco Rubio still keeping his sights on the Presidency?  As a fabulist Trump apologist, he appears to be laying the groundwork with the Trump base while saving his supposed socially liberal thoughts for an eventual Trump tumble.  Or does he believe in anything at all other than political expediency?


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