Thursday, July 18, 2019

Various comments...

---Discovered that the golf channel is 224 on Cablevision.  Links golf was a diversion today.  The rough is punishing, but it is an interesting course.  A guy from Kentucky is in the lead at the British Open in Northern Ireland, did not grow up on the links courses.

---The equity markets are stable in the aggregate but it is a challenging time to invest.  There are no clear trends.  Netflix fell 10% today to $324.  That was a big hit to one account, but with a basis of $14.75 it is accepted. ROKU is a stock that is followed with regret.  It was identified in December last year as an "opportunity" based primarily on price action.  In fact, I had no real understanding of what the company did at that time, and there was little public information.  It was bought in the low 30's and rose to the mid-40's in January.  Then it fell back into the high 20's.  Afraid of an inexplicable loss, it was sold when it rose back to the mid-30's.  Today it is at 108. Ugh.  Added to Fidelity Floating Rate High Income, that's a money market fund for junk bond companies with a yield more than 6%.  It will need to be watched.  Started a position in BHC, Bausch Health Companies, as a focused health care investment and sold United Health Care, UNH, just bought two weeks ago, with a gain, but looking more closely it appears to be an unfocused health conglomerate with pharmacy risk. Well, it is.  All of this is both investing and entertainment here.  Better than an online casino.

---It is interesting to watch the comments on Facebook, as many of those "friends" are from or related to my hometown.  It is in a conservative area, but also diverse in its own way.  Recent exchanges among others there have shown what divisive times these are.  While all folks seem well meaning, some of the opinions are evolving into harsh dialogues.  Some of it is surprising.

---Watching Lilyhammer on Netflix discs.  It stars Steven Van Zandt as a New York mob boss who goes into witness protection in a small town in Norway.  Some subtitles, some in English, for Sopranos fans it's worth a try.  For Springsteen fans as well.


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