Sunday, April 26, 2020

Where this goes, nobody knows...

The global pandemic is still evolving.  So much is unknown.  It is a perfect time for conspiracy theories, and they are rife.  In India it is about tribalism, in China it is about African immigrants who work in regional cities, and in this country it is not a large issue, but news programs highlight every little issue, and this seems to be about rallies wanting the freedom to get sick and infect others. "Free Alabama, Free Georgia"  Trump rails, contradicting his own advice of the day before.  Of course, a President who suggests that injecting Lysol cleaner into our lungs might solve cure Covid 19, "it's amazing, and in a matter of seconds you're cured" might be a bit off kilter.  But that's already old news from Thursday and the news programs would do well to drop it.

Of importance to life and work in this country, auto loans and especially leases now may become the housing loans of the major recession of 2008/2009.  Cars are our babies, new ones sustain happiness and self regard.  And this week the most lenient credit card lenders, Capital One and Discover, lowered their borrowing limits broadly.  Something is going on there.  Unemployment rates will rise.  Advertisers of all stripes are trying to adapt, "we will all come out of this stronger" said just like that or in varying ways, but closing with "Buy a Toyota, lifetime assurance" or some other brand.  An eerie note is that in our weekly local newspaper, 24 pages with a few articles, local sports, local deaths, and half devoted to real estate housing ads, there were ten advertisements for funeral homes this week, unusual.  It's dying business.

Nostalgia attack are not uncommon.  More later, well at least I hope so...


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