Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention starts, media focuses on the Clintons

As the Democratic convention starts, the biggest story appears to be debating how badly the Clintons will behave. These two self-centered individuals are milking this moment for everything it's worth, their resentment of Obama's win still visible despite any words they say. They are focusing on 2012 and, let's take any drama out of it, any words they say will be just words and holding back their real support will be the message between the lines.

The media is making hay over this of course. They are finding Hillary voters who say they will support McCain and pretending that there is some movement afoot. The fact is that there is none. Hillary's voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana are McCain Democrats, and would likely have been his even if Hillary had won. So-called "voters for Hillary" who can now vote for McCain and therefore more anti-libertarian Supreme Court choices are not real Democrats, not real liberals, not real folks seeking change. They must be just those bitter resentful types who never stood for anything, and who revel in being found by the media. They are not worth wasting time over.

Neither are Bill or Hillary Clinton. They have become embarrassing caricatures of themselves, especially the first man hopeful. He thought he was a shoe-in to be back in the White House, living off the government dole with servants at every corner, forced friends at every turn, and free turbot. He was President, and did almost nothing with his enormous opportunity, and he wanted to be back in his emperor's role. It will be interesting tomorrow to see if he sticks with the agenda or instead just takes over and goes off on an unscripted self-congratulatory rant. If that happens it would be to the Democrat's benefit if the Convention would boo him off the stage. He deserves nothing at this point. Hillary's conniving will continue but she will acquit herself in a way that will be, on paper, unassailable. Her real message will still be clear.

And the convention begins.


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