Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's job plan

Short thoughts -- too much information from the President:

His Start -- reflecting on a long gone jobs era where companies guaranteed life security and pensions like in Danville at the lost textile mill(modest golf course that had a guy that beat Jack Nicklaus at the Tour of Champions event in a playoff and came in #2 at the Masters) or playing myself in Dayton at Armco's exceptional course( where as a banker I helped them stay on life support as we joked and drank our way around their beautiful surroundings) until they could no longer function or compete or manage, well Obama's reflection back to that era was just stupid. The CEO's at those companies still lived liked kings because everything had not been inflated. Looking back at those days was such a toss by Obama to labor. He didn't mention the many companies thrived in that era, but I thought of what a modest life my family lived by any means with my father being a corporate accountant at the Danville mill. It was fine, but that's not the current marketing life of America or the globe. We should all be vastly prosperous as we watch our televisions or dig into our computers. It will never happen.

My family did not just live a grand life, and that's false understanding from the start. A sandwich was two slices of white bread, mustard on one side, mayo on the other, a slice of bologna in the middle, that was lunch. For all I knew it was a great life. What was there was not bad, sports, neighbors, friends, but it was it was many good trade offs for one week vacation one year, two the next, one the next, and never more. Obama harks back to a life that did not exist. We, many of my friends and I, worked and tried to get good grades, have a decent time, make friends and eventually found jobs. That's the only deal now, Jobs.

Other than initially harkening back to a time that really did not exist, Obama tried to be creative and positive but did not say too much of substance. If he can't break all of this into smaller possible passable actions that the Congress and even me can understand, nothing will happen. It was noticeable that Boehner rarely stood or clapped even if part of constituency did.

There were mentions of the tax code, small business, school vouchers, infrastucture projects, all good stuff, BUT THIS NEEDS TO BE BROKEN UP INTO PIECES OF LEGISLATION THAT IS NOT BUNDLED INTO ONE REGULATORY MANDATE. This could be done if the President cared about it in any real way. In a bundle it will not pass, in pieces maybe it can!

Only other observation at this point was that in the first two thirds or so of the presentation the President said "we" and in the last part he said only "I".


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