Sunday, March 25, 2012

NCAA tournament - Kansas gets home area advantage as #2 seed

It's halftime in the UNC/Kansas semi-final and, at least from this perspective, one can't help but wonder how UNC has the #1 seed and #2 seed Kansas, with the next door St. Louis setting, more or less gets the home court advantage. The crowd is overwhelmingly Kansas. That's not trivial.

Kentucky and Louisville next weekend is a dream match up, too bad it's not the finals. Louisville is certainly the Cinderella of this year's tournament as they played their way into a half decent seed with the Big East tourney win in four games in four days. Kentucky is an amazing team, and it will take every bit of Louisville's intense defensive harassment plus some magic mojo from the hometown of Muhammad Ali for Louisville to contend with that talent.

As for now, it would be unusual for Kansas to keep up their first half shooting percentage, but it would also be unusual for UNC to win without their star point guard and their best defender and rebounder having turned his ankle in the first half -- back to my chair.


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