Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beautiful end of summer days

While the calendar suggests that summer ends on September 21, Labor Day weekend is unequivocally the end of summer in the northeast.  Recent days have been perfect, blue skies, temperatures with highs from the low to mid-eighties, cooling at night, with any rain just soothing showers at that time.   While it's hard to believe that summer is already over, time flies as one ages it seems.

This pleasant weather has been enough to turn the interest here in ISIS and Russia in Ukraine back for a day or two, like holding crossed arms up in the face of evil.  Yesterday included a visit to the library to check for any hidden gems that might be among the new popular fiction overload, an unsuccessful attempt to watch college football that reinforced the fact that I have no interest this year as always, and a relaxed drive south on the Island to Gonzo's, our favorite burrito and salad shop for some evening take-out.

Doing casual research Friday evening and Saturday morning, it was determined that there was a stock that unequivocally looks like one of those bargains where the risk reward is heavily tilted toward the investor at this point.  For those who believe in efficient markets, close your eyes.  The company is clearly out of favor, has a 4% dividend based on the current depressed price, and is the third largest online U.S. retailer behind Amazon and Apple, and just ahead of Walmart.  Take a guess if you want.  Unfortunately, it was learned later in the day that it was mentioned as an opportunity in this week's Barron's financial newspaper, not necessarily helpful to the entry point on Tuesday and based on experience with Barron's track record, not necessarily encouraging in the long term.   We'll see.

It will warm up today from this temperate morning, and thunderstorms are possible in the late afternoon.  Errands, exercise, and cleaning projects will fill the day, but it is also hoped that spending an hour in my chair to read on the barely covered front stoop is possible.  It is certainly easy to miss the southern allure of front porches in this area of backyard patios and decks, with stoops even being unusual in front of the house.  The front of the house is where one can wave to or say hello to people, something that once seemed to be a part of life.  Occasional nostalgia has always been a been a part of adapting to time's advance.

That's today's snapshot of life here, different from the usual post.    


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