Friday, August 22, 2014

The ISIS fighters from Europe and elsewhere

Even beyond what carnage ISIS has already inflicted in Syria and Iraq, there are real worries about what these fighters with no limit to their brutality could do in other countries.  The immediate concern is not whether they will spread to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or other Middle East countries, but whether they will initiate terrorist attacks in Europe or the U.S.  With some members of ISIS from those countries now trained in their tactics, it is not a trivial concern.

On some television newscast seen here over the last couple of days, there was a brief interview with four British citizens who were part of ISIS.  They did not seem to be senior members, and they all had Middle Eastern features and English accents.  When one was asked why they were there he responded, "it was better than sitting around being depressed."  One could guess that he had grown up in one of those large grim apartment estates of subsidized housing.

The take here on that statement was that they were as motivated by boredom as by some intense Islamist beliefs, but once part of ISIS they thrived on the activity and the extreme beliefs that they were trained to have.  It's disturbing.


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