Sunday, August 24, 2014

"We've got to clean up, the housekeeper is coming tomorrow"

What sounds ironic is the way it is here now, and it would have been in the past if we used housekeepers.  We didn't primarily because we were as a family generally too messy to be uniformly ready for one.  Room by room we had to wait until someone did enough clean up in their room or area, and then get the vacuum out and the resident serial vacuum man here did the job.  Two exceptions to the areas of dysfunction were the den with its books and the ping pong room.  Those two areas were under one person's care.

When a housekeeper comes they need to have a room reasonably organized or at least close to it.  That makes complete sense.  They don't want to decide where to put things that are on the floor or how to organize a desk and you don't want them to do that either.  "Where's that serrated knife" or "where is the packing tape" are not what you want the result of a housekeeper's efforts to lead to.

We need and have a weekly housekeeper now, but the day before is now and it is a chore.  Does that sound familiar to others? 


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