Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I mean it.  Best wishes for all who read this and when the morning breaks tomorrow may you have one of the bright reddish blue dawns that we have been having here recently viewed though a stark sycamore tree in front of the living room window.  2014 was not the greatest of years here for many reasons, maybe just one major reason.  2015 will be a year of acceptance.

Maybe we will get K's passport renewed before February expiry and escape to Switzerland like everyone from Nietzche and Mann to Keith Richards, or maybe we'll just take our trip to the totally familiar little hotels on Rue de Seine.  "We've got to get out of this place..."

So 2015 will be a good year of everything possible here I hope, and for all who read this.  My golf story, for those who read it, sort of told one metaphorical version of my life story.  There will be other versions, but now I'm an open book.

What a relief, and a way to start to a "Joyous New Year" as a friend said in another New Year's comment.  Now for the real HAPPY NEW YEAR, and to paraphrase a Chinese New Year's wish, "Good Luck Make Money".  For those of us who can I would like to add "Good Luck Make Money Give Money Give Time".   



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