Monday, January 05, 2015

WFM, now or never?

Here the equity Whole Foods Markets(WFM) has been watched closely forever it seems.  It was owned several years ago but sold when it went nowhere and seemed to have more downside than upside.  It is now in its mid-range for 2014, after recently rising due to some undocumented takeover rumors.

I want any excuse to buy this darn stock that always seems fully priced, meaning not a good buy. Why?  This holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, our local store was exceptional, almost a life saver.  They added a huge number of employees, many obviously experienced, and their holiday deli case, salad bar, and fish counter were full of new seasonal offerings.  Even the coffee area and the salad area had new items, seasonal items that were seriously good to have for the holidays when the wallet tends to be wide open.

This is not just a personal thumbs up.  This type of service and no doubt expense by Whole Foods totally differentiates them from other stores, at least here.  It must have an impact on their long term appeal to customers, and now it is easy to think that they would open another store somewhere else in the immediate area.  They could simply not have more have additional customers here, even as well as they managed the lines for check out.  They did an laudable job of this, what could have been a nightmare without more staff, more experienced staff.

In the last post here on an outlook for 2015,  retrenchment in the stock market was suggested.  Hey, not this fast... this is a big down day that reflects the sentiment here for the moment and was propelled by more issues in Europe and another significant decline in oil prices.  This will take time to settle out, but if there is a time to buy a long wanted stock in the next few days, this may be it.
WFM, still thinking.


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