Thursday, April 16, 2015

Putin plans for Russian bikers to provoke Poland on circuitous route to Berlin

There is an interesting article on page A14 of the NYT today.  It details the plans of a Russian motorcycle gang, whose leader is closely allied with Vladimir Putin, to travel from Moscow to Berlin to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Soviets' victory over Nazi Germany.  Something about this seems to be in incredibly poor taste, or worse.  Their path will take them through Poland, which just adds insult to historic injury for that country, at a time when all of Eastern Europe is on alert for any Putin land grabs or meddling in their countries' affairs.

For Poland it is a reminder that the Russian "liberation" of their country by Stalin's eastern Russian hordes was just as much a nightmare as was Nazi occupation.  The only difference was that the Russians had no biases.  They attacked and killed the Polish people indiscriminately and raped almost every female from the age of 8 to 80 in villages that they ransacked, ritually hanging the leaders in each town.  It was a physically drained Roosevelt who gave in to Stalin's demand for Soviet control of the Eastern liberation over Churchill's objections at Yalta.

The gang's route will be circuitous, taking them through Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and on to Munich.  Putin's agitating behavior is relentless.


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