Friday, December 25, 2015

Yes, it is Christmas

The rain has stopped for Christmas Day.  The weather is mild and the sky is, charitably speaking, an improved bluish gray. We stepped out for a short walk and it is a nice day compared to any earlier day this week.

As always, there is an attempt to make breakfast something special on this special day.  We started with fresh ripe pears from Oregon and then had Christmas eggs, as in lightly scrambled with finely chopped red and green peppers, and Christmas stollen, full of candied fruits, bits of nuts, and spices. As on most days, yours truly had one slice of bacon both to eat and to get the skillet ready for the eggs, and Cafe Du Monde coffee with hot milk and one pack of sugar.  The allowance of sugar is for special occasions only.

K is much improved from the impact of a fall last week and is eating as much as I do.  A few small gifts were given.  It's a quiet and peaceful day.


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