Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watching the Politicians

Last night's town hall meeting on CNN had individual one hour sessions with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and provided one stark contrast that has not been mentioned in the media seen here.

Bernie Sanders spoke with bluster and belief, and repeated everything that he has already said many times.  That is not to say he is just a "one issue" candidate as the Clinton ad says but he certainly has a main issue.  For someone who has followed this political season far too closely for good mental health, there was not one thing that he said that was not expected.

Hillary Clinton spoke with an intensity that at times was a bit too strong, but also with belief that one could not doubt, belief that she should be President.  When not fending off adversarial questions from the CNN moderator and answering real honest questions from the audience, she responded with plenty of facts, some of which could not have been anticipated.  Many of her responses were informative and did not revert to a predetermined script.  That led to a much more worthwhile viewing hour compared to Sanders, which was pretty much of a yawn.

As to the Republican morass, the phenomenon of Trump just keeps going.  If the unattractive Ted Cruz would just have the "integrity" to drop out and allow for a competitive race that would test Trump, it would be more interesting.  Of course, "integrity" is one of the Cruz campaign's key words, and the opposite of how he manages his campaign, so there are no expectations for that.  He awaits Texas.



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