Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prominent Saudi responds to Obama criticism

It was reported today in The New York Times that Turki al-Faisal, a Saudi prince, former ambassador to the U.S., and former head of Saudi intelligence services responded negatively and forcefully to President Obama's claim that Saudi Arabia was a "free rider" on U.S. military support. This is yet another instance of Obama feeling the need to publicly chastise a long time ally in order to support his supposedly pristine personal reputation, aka his legacy.

The rebuke from al-Faisel in the English language Arab News is worthy of note.  He was a graduate of the class of 1968 at Georgetown, along with his good friend Bill Clinton.  al-Faisel has maintained the close friendships that he made in college with many of his friends, not only Clinton but also a U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, and others who rose to success in the financial world.  That he would choose to, or be chosen to, write this lengthy piece defending the Saudis against the Obama administration is evidence that Obama is continuing to squander any mainstream support that the U.S. once had in the Arab world.

The article is on page 10 of today's New York Times.


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