Friday, November 04, 2016

Could the election be close?

It is possible that this could turn into a nail biter.  To say what is expected at this point becomes mixed up with anxiety, and the irrational fear of a hex.

The various polls are showing a tightening of the Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  With the many unexpected turns in this election season that has been going on for well over a year, we just wait now.  It can't end too soon.  We need clarity and that will hopefully come on Tuesday.

With both campaigns now encouraging high voter turn-out in pivotal states like Florida and Pennsylvania, this will be an election with record setting vote totals in some states.  That should be good for our democracy, should be, but this election has been uniquely marred by a candidate that encourages hostility and questions the integrity of the election process.

More "news" will likely turn up in the final days, and it will not be pretty.  It is too late now for anything to be refuted.  What comes out will just hang there for voters to judge without verification. Comey's role still could tarnish the outcome.  Some major media outlets like the traditional television networks and big city newspapers will attempt to deal with any news, but they are no longer the trusted arbiters of opinion that they once were.

Hang on.


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