Sunday, November 27, 2016

More comments on the election...

Most of the ongoing news related to the election and the transition has become tiring.  At times it seems like watching a car crash in slow motion.  So apologies for making more comments here.

The question now has become, "who is the spokesperson for the Democratic Party?"  That more or less falls to Barack Obama, our outgoing  President who is already in closing out mode.  His time spent with David Remnick of the "New Yorker" recently makes that clear.  He is working on making the best of a bad situation, the transfer of power to Trump.  That is certainly not easy.

Bernie Sanders came from out of nowhere in 2016 and was the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time.  He became a political celebrity during the primary.  His reach to a broader population is unlikely to grow.  The Clinton's are now moving off of the stage whether they like it or not.  John Kerry is doing the same.  Younger stars have not been nurtured as this election result was not anticipated.  Tim Kaine did not make a major impression nationally, and in his one debate he followed the Clinton team advice and seriously diminished the best qualities of his personality and approach to politics.

On the Republican side of things, Mitt Romney now looks like the desired player by the moderates of the Republican Party, if there is such a thing.  Even more bizarrely, Kellyanne Conway is openly campaigning against him on social media.  Rudy Giuliani is campaigning for himself intensely. Secretary of State is an important job, and this is difficult to watch.

One could wonder if Trump is already feeling some cognitive dissonance.  He wanted to win, he loved the attention, and now he needs to make something work?  He cannot manage the presidency in an "out of control" manner like he did in the campaign, so the concern is that someone else will.  Will it default to the at times delusional extreme right wing funder Robert Mercer's hired hands of Bannon and Conway?


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