Saturday, January 07, 2017

Snow today

The expectation was that we would have from one to three inches of snow today, which would have been immaterial.  There must be at least a solid three or more for our driveway plow guy to show up. He will surely be here early tomorrow morning as it's likely that there are at least six inches on the ground tonight.  That's the perfect amount of snow.  It is not disabling but it is the real thing.  Winter wonderland arrives.

It is perfect for driving, something that has always been enjoyed.  Driving in the snow is a challenge and an adventure.  They say it's the other guy that needs to be watched out for and that is surely the case, and worth the risk.  Getting things done, doing errands, or visiting someone seems like an accomplishment, the routine becomes a reason to smile.

Tomorrow will be in the low to mid 20's all day so the snow will stay, children will be out sledding, and roads will take care. Monday it begins to warm up and by Wednesday it is expected to be in the 50's.  Enjoy while it lasts, and be glad that it wasn't a huge storm that created real problems.


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