Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Doctor's visits

Over the last two days we have had three visits to doctors, all part of a normal schedule.  They were each handled efficiently, meaning no long waits.  One was completely easy and two were tedious as it's a new year, the first appointments in 2017, and forms filled out previously needed to be completely redone.  Since they already had all of information from before, this was mildly annoying.

There was no news.  The old adage of  "no news is good news" could apply, but of course there is always the hope of an "Aha" moment from a doctor who would recommend a new medication that would be beneficial.  That did not happen.

Overall it felt like a great deal of effort for no benefit.  The best thing that can be said is that those "necessary" appointments are done for the moment.  This is the upbeat comment for the day?

Postscript:  medium rare New York strip steak and salad tonight, plus sauteed spinach and sauteed broccoli, both with whole garlic which K loves, from a local restaurant as well as some pasta marinara.  That's the reward for duty done.  Still cooking here and making the usual mess.


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