Saturday, May 27, 2017

A loss unexpected, an obit found, Victoria

Scanning websites in a way that is infrequent but when done once a month or two is obsessive, I looked up a friend from the 90's, Victoria.  We had a unique friendship for a year or two.  That is said because she was like one of today's models, tall, slim, attractive, and not shy about it in the way that she dressed.  That's not to say anything there was blatant, just that what would look normal on most women trying to look good would look stunning on her.

In the atmosphere of a bank, Victoria stood out to many who as one who needed to be shielded but to some as one to be voyeured, if that can be a verb.  Somehow we met.  My role at the company led to busy days and when I found time to go down to the expansive second floor cafeteria at 270 Park, others always wanted to talk to me about the stock market, which had been my job all morning before a chance to grab lunch.  Others always wanted to approach Victoria and interrupt her chance for a break with their charm, so we had an unspoken agreement to have lunch together in the cafeteria regularly.  No one bothered us. Rarely did anyone approach.  She was engaged.  I was married.  Was anything going on?

She was smart and a pleasure to talk with.  She knew the business and she understood my role at the company.  Sure, being with Victoria made me look good to some and I was aware of that.  But given the pretty girl status that others thrust upon her, it was not at all bad for her to be seen with talking about business with me.

It was a sad moment here to see that she had died several years ago.  She had a family and a place in the community of Greenwich.  It had been at least 25 years since I had seen her, but this post seemed to be required.  In a completely appropriate way, we totally connected and enjoyed each other's company, maybe adored each other.  It felt special.  Nothing happened except a special friendship.

I have made an obvious effort here to underscore the propriety of our relationship, so that when I say that it was special no one will misunderstand.  That may be old fashioned of me, but it may need to be explicit to some readers.   Now done, loss just noted.


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