Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Generals in place

When Trump began appointing military generals to top positions in his administration, the first reaction was that doing so just bolstered his maladjusted macho ego.  To have these experienced senior officers reporting to him was proof of his omnipotence perhaps.  Their qualifications for the nuanced responsibilities that they were given was hard to discern.

Now with General Kelly as Chief of Staff, General McMaster as head of the NSA, and General Mattis as Secretary of Defense, it can be viewed as reassuring.  Their military training and ingrained obedience to chain of command had been a worrying aspect of their appointments at first but now they could be, it is hoped that they are, a formidable layer of restraint for an embattled President.

While North Korea is off of the front page for a day or two, that issue has not gone away.  Should Trump decide to take the focus off of the self-inflicted chaos that keeps building on the domestic front by creating a crisis or worse in Asia,  it is expected that the generals will provide much tougher conversations than Ivanka, Jared, or Melania.  Whether they will need to step in and stop the President from some rash move is unknown, and they will certainly try to keep everything behind the scenes.  With these generals, there will be no hysterical "I am in control" speech as delivered by Reagan Secretary of State General Al Haig.

Their presense gives the impression of adult supervision, and hopefully that thought is correct.


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