Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solar eclipse tomorrow...

Over the 12 years of this blog's existence, seeing a total solar eclipse in 1970 has probably been written about four or five times if not more.  Any good excuse to write about that amazing experience has been taken.  That total eclipse was seen on Assateague Island off of the coast of Maryland, looking over the ocean.  Those couple of minutes of darkness with a panorama of colors on the horizon remain hard to describe.  Anyone with the opportunity to see tomorrow's event should do so.

47 years ago it was not such a widely heralded event.  The sand parking lot that we parked in was full but accessible.  Today it's a major event.  Even Royal Carribean Cruise Line has promoted a Total Eclipse Cruise.  The advertisement says "extraordinary partial views".  For their information there are no partial views that are especiallly meaningful.  Only being in the total zone provides the true light show.

We were in London in 1999 during a solar eclipse, but there it was not quite total.  The glasses were required and the event was notable as the sky darkened and the wind picked up, the birds grew eerily quiet, and it became cool.  But, there was nothing dramatic like being in the total zone.  After preparing the girls for something as least partially dramatic, it was a letdown.

To anyone reading who has the opportunity, get to the total eclipse area, get a view with a long perspective, and hope for clear skies.  It will be worthwhile.


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The most accurate description of TOTALITY that I've read is posted by "Sky & Telescope" magazine here ...

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