Sunday, September 03, 2017

Trump's ego is his only driving force --- everything is personal

When he took office, Donald Trump immediately withdrew the United States from the TPP, the largest trade agreement in history that joined together 12 nations.  It had been years in the making. The withdrawal was based on his opinion and not on any discussions with state department officials, the military, or other nations.  There were those in the business community that thought his action had merit and could have led to some renegotiation, but there was not a dialogue or an attempt to change OR modify the agreement.

 A few months later he pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, a consensual agreement among most countries on earth that was to be monitored but was non-binding.  That too was based on his opinion plus that of his adviser at the time Steve Bannon. There were few if any discussions of consequence with others.  That too had been a historic agreement that had taken years to patch together.  Congress had no advise and consent role in either action.

At times he seems driven by his dislike of Obama and the fact that the former President, among other things, made fun of him at a dinner in 2011.  That is why DACA, one of the most broadly endorsed humanitarian acts of recent times that reflects American values, may be in trouble.

Trump clearly believes that as President he is personally free to do anything he wants and in significant ways he has succeeded.  His habit of early morning tweets to say whatever is on his mind, as if he were casually bantering with the public, further reflect his complete self absorption and lack of understanding for what his words as President of the most powerful country in the world mean. This morning's tweets on North Korea were typical and were dangerous.  In them he somehow chose to insult our strong ally South Korea in a way that infuriated that entire country.

Trump seems to have the mind of a child.  He has to tweet or talk.  What he thinks, he says at once without consulting anyone.  It is a distinguishing characteristic and it will not change.  It is obviously not appropriate behavior in his role.  Ultimately this trait will end his presidency and that cannot come soon enough.


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