Friday, September 08, 2017

U.S. Open tennis

Wednesday night's post looking forward to the upcoming semi-finals for women and men worked in a way.  The women's commentary did not predict anything, but the comments played out.  Looking to the final on the women's side, the comment on Wednesday that Stephens "does not go away" was completely accurate and that may well by the deciding factor in the finals.  Keys played one of the most consistent matches that she has ever produced against strong competition so "her personality" may be forming as well.  To complicate matters in the final, they are best friends on the tour.

Whether Del Potro can succeed in pulling off his disappearing act for the third match in a row is unclear.  That he could do that against Nadal is unlikely, but we will see soon see...

Very soon after postscript --- It was unlikely.  Wednesday prediction on the men's stands.


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