Monday, September 04, 2017

U.S. Open Tennis 2017

This year's matches at the Open have occasionally been interesting to watch even at this early stage. Most notable and entertaining was the first set at night in the round of 32 between Nadal and a talented young newcomer. Of course Nadal won after the first set loss, but it was obvious that his entourage thought that they should already be heading back to Smith and Wollensky in Manhattan mid-way through the match.

The Open is played nearby, 20 minutes on the LIRR to the site.  We went every year until recently, myself often multiple days during the early rounds when walking from court to court to watch new and old talent was enjoyed immensely and it was uncrowded.  The concessions as depicted on television were as plentiful then as now.  The atmosphere was relaxed and it was not uncommon to bump into friends from the past, especially as my former employer remains the major sponsor.

Federer tonight.  He could be vulnerable here despite his remarkable year at age 36.  Five setters are not good for him.


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