Monday, October 16, 2017

Hillary's ambition remains

Hillary Clinton had a lengthy interview with Fareed Zakaria yesterday morning on CNN.  Tonight she will be on Stephen Colbert's "Late Night" program.  On April 7th of this year there was a post here remarking that Clinton was beginning see herself a leader again, and suggesting that she back off.  She of course would not have seen that suggestion, but if others had the same thought she did not listen.  It seems apparent that she is positioning herself for whatever may come.  That "whatever" could mean that she is setting the stage to be drafted back into the fray, no matter how much she wants to project the view that she does not want in.

It's an old ploy in many circumstances.  The fear is that she will undercut others who could grow into a greater role in the party.  She would be the best thing that could happen to Trump if he still remains President in 2020.


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