Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Trump catastrophe?

More and more there are many who wait for the really disastrous Trump mistake.  He routinely makes decisions and says things that are harmful to our system of government, disrupt foreign policy, and even the functioning of his own administration.  That is now almost accepted.  The widespread question has become "when will Trump do something that has widespread damaging consequences?"

The prevailing view has been that the generals, Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, along with Secretary of State Tillerson, will tone down Trump's most troubling rhetoric such that is does not turn into action.  Who else is there to calm and restrain him.  Melania, No.  Pence is the perfect inconsequential sycophant so no help there.  Mnuchin is a transparently opportunistic pervert of sorts who stands for nothing.  Sessions has been neutered.  Haley is an unpredictable lightweight.

Reading Dexter Filkins' article about Rex Tillerson in the current "New Yorker" is not reassuring.  The State Department is still not remotely close to being fully functional and Tillerson is apparently just hanging on out of Boy Scouts' duty.  Other Cabinet members like Pruitt, Ross, and DeVos are busy reversing Obama initiatives but are non-entities on bigger issues beyond their purview.

There are questions now about whether Trump will let Tillerson go, and what that will mean for the generals whom seem bound to the President out of loyalty to the country and not its leader.  Could this all unravel?  Are there others like Corker, Collins, Murkowski, and McCain who will step up and say what is on the minds of many?

This is becoming an increasingly alarming situation, and while we could wait quite a while for a catastrophic mistake, when it comes events may unfold much more quickly than would be expected.

Getting Trump out of office is necessary.  There is a constitutional way to do it.


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