Sunday, October 08, 2017

Watching an NFL game...

Today an NFL game is being watched for the first time this year.  The NFL is attractive when one or both of the home teams, Jets and Giants, are doing well or when the playoff games begin in December.  At the moment by that standard, the regular season looks already washed out here.

Watching the Jets play the Browns is excruciatingly boring.  I had been up early this morning, already fixed lunch, and was ready to sit back for a rest.

Staying awake was the main challenge.  The Jets are 2 and 2 on the season and the Browns 0 and 4.  So far it seems amazing that the Jets have won two games, as reading newspaper accounts had already suggested.  At halftime the Jets are up 3 to 0, have displayed a terrible offense and repeatedly committed fouls, often completely unnecessary on defense.  The Browns punch through the Jets defense through simple runs, short passes, and the benefit of the fouls, but have come to nothing through  fumbles and interceptions.  They have missed two field goals.

This is a poorly played game that should be an embarrassment for both coaches five games into the season.  I may check back in towards the end of the game to see of there is any drama to be had from the Jets.

Meanwhile the Giants and the Chargers are squaring off on another channel, both teams 0 an 4 on the season, and that game seems lackluster as well.  Here I have only seen parts by changing channels during advertisements but the excitement is missing.

The looked forward to distraction may not be forthcoming this season.


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