Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trump's hour and a half rant in Alabama yesterday

Trump was at his unscripted worst in the mostly friendly state of Alabama.  It's hard to think of a group that he did not insult.  He is unstable, uninformed, and horribly biased.  The one thing that we cannot do is get in the mode of saying "that's just Trump".  He is dangerous.

His comment on the few NFL players that choose to kneel during the national anthem was outrageous and irresponsibly crude for a President.  Let's see if there are many many more "kneelers" tomorrow.  Lebron James' tweet in response to Trump's comments about Stephen Curry was classic, the best thing ever seen from him.  Find it if you can.

More to come...


Blogger Allen Hengst said...

This commentary from the Louisville Courier-Journal addresses what IMHO were his most ignorant, outlandish and downright cruel words in Alabama on Friday night about CTE:

"Trump’s continuing objections to penalties for hits to the head are shallow, irresponsible and indefensible ... Either the president is oblivious to scientific studies on the damage found in the brains of dead players, or he is indifferent to the health of those still playing. Either way, the Great Prevaricator’s rhetoric is reckless and reflects an appalling lack of critical thinking ... His central message seems to be that a violent game needs to be more violent if it is to hold his interest ... A more thoughtful man might have seen that making football safer deserves higher priority than his own entertainment."

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