Thursday, October 19, 2017

The prospect of Ayatollah Pence

As the Presidency of Trump continues for now, the thought of his eventual impeachment or resignation continues to be speculated about by some observers.  That would lead to the succession of Vice President Pence, a bland individual with strong right wing views.  He presents himself as a pious Christian who seeks guidance through prayer.  He does not believe in climate change.  He is a racist as evidenced by his actions as governor and a homophobe in the extreme.  In many ways he is outside of the mainstream of even the Republican Party, much more so one could think for the nation as a whole.

In this week's "New Yorker" Jane Meyer's Letter From Washington, "The President Pence Delusion", details Pence's history and his "beliefs"  .  Beliefs is in quotes because it is unclear at times what his beliefs really are, or if they are really the product of a fierce ambition that he hides behind a low key personality and a benign presence.  Certainly he uses his support of Trump as part of his mission.  Meyer writes, "Pence, who has dutifully stood by the President, mustering a devotional gaze rarely seen since the days of Nancy Reagan, serves as a daily reminder that the Constitution offers an alternative to Trump".

There is no reason to recreate the article here.  If available, it is interesting reading.  It underscores a view that was already held here about this disturbing man.


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