Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Two countries down for the arms salesman

Beyond all of the handshakes, smiles, and congratulations, it seems that Trump's view of his role on the Asia trip is arms merchant for the U.S.  In Japan and now South Korea, he boasts about how much those countries will now spend on weapons from U.S. manufacturers.  In doing this he stresses how much the United States needs these purchases to alleviate the trade deficit.  Since a trade deficit is a sign of weakness to the economically illiterate President, he is in fact voicing his opinion that the U.S. is a financially troubled country.

Is this diplomacy?  Is this being a leader?  Is this seeking peace among nations in whatever way possible?  Is this truly promoting the balanced and mostly effective U.S. economy relative to much of the world?  It is none of these things.  Trump appears to be completely unaware that the leaders of other countries are pandering to his weakness, and that they have long memories.  It is hard to believe that they don't resent this naive fool who visits and brags.  They tolerate him and appease him hoping that he can be managed and contained.

The opinion here is that the world sees what many of us see, a limited man with the needs of a buffoon.  Is that too harsh?  To some it would be as they see his wealth as a sign of his capabilities.  That should not be the end game of a market economy.  It does not confer broad intelligence on anyone.  Trump proves that day in day out.

Now he is tromping blindly through Asia.


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