Thursday, October 26, 2017

Items of note today in the New York Times

Like most days, there are a few noteworthy articles in the NYT that may interest those who read this post:

---The obituary for Fats Domino is interesting and entertaining.  Other than his years when his recordings were at the top of the charts, New Orleans was his home and where he learned and created the music that would be called rock and roll.  He lived most of his life there, as he said that "it was the only place where he liked the food".  He played at Jazzfest almost every year of its existence, and I last saw him in 2008 when at age 80 he played fine and sang with his usual halting cadence, and then got up and did a short strut across the stage.

---There is a page one article about John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff and former 4 star general.  It makes clear that while Kelly has restored, or initiated for the first time, some order to staff organization, but that he is not the hoped for restraint on the President's worst inclinations.  Apparently he is another Trump style nut job who thinks allowing any immigration into the country is a bad idea.  He prefers zero.  Yeah, he seems to be out there on many issues.

---There is an election for mayor coming up in New York City and Mayor de Blasio is well ahead in the polls.  Bo Dietl is a notable fringe candidate that has received attention due to his pure New York personality and reputation.  For those who ever listened to the Imus in the Morning talk show, Dietl is familiar.  An article about him on page A22 is a good read.  Dietl's candidacy cannot be characterized by a party or set of policies, yet he has raised over a million dollars from those who must like his at times disruptive and less than predictable style.

--- Notable to some, it was reported that the CDC has endorsed a new shingles vaccine, and once it is through all approvals they recommend that even those who have had the existing vaccine should get this one as well.  I will get in line.


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