Friday, November 03, 2017

Follow up to yesterday's post --- a new low even for Long Island politics

Yesterday there was a post about the Nassau County election for county executive.  It was clear from the comment that Jack Martins is not favored here, but the big guns were not brought out when describing this political cretin.  News today shows how awful this man and the Republican party here truly are.

As reported in the New York Times, the following comes from a Martins' flyer being distributed widely.  It says that his Democratic opponent Laura Curran "would roll out the welcome mat" for the violent gang MS-13.  The mailer has a photo of three bare-chested Latinos covered with tats and says "Meet Your New Neighbors".  Martins has defended the ad by saying Curran supports sanctuary cities.  She does not and that is repeatedly on the record, but some groups that support her do as is the case here.  That's enough for the state Republican party that paid for the ad.

Ugh.  Maybe it's reassuring to project that if Martins is elected, he might find his mug in prison someday, joining his buddies Mangano and Skelos .  Will he still be the smiling family man.


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