Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cable programs update..."Ray Donovan" leads the way...

---"Ray Donovan" continues to be the most addictive show on television here.  Only one more episode for this season with so many threads of stories to at least touch on.  Several episodes were missed mid-season for various reasons so everything is not completely clear.  I will catch up on those online. One thing for sure --- Mickey will create more trouble in this Season 5 closer.

---In its initial season, "The Deuce" has the goal of becoming the 1970's Times Square porn equivalent of "The Wire".  That cannot be accomplished but the program has improved as it progresses.  Once all of the story lines are fully in place it can become more compelling.  The most recent program was the best so far, but it is missing at least one completely engaging character.  Still, I watch and wait.

--- After being off the air for four or five years "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is back.  For me it is better than before, as it seems less contrived.  In the past, the show was more aggravating than humorous at times.  This season seems more realistic while Larry is still creating havoc with his hyper neurotic personality.  Maybe I have changed or maybe the show has changed.  I now look forward to each episode.

---"Shameless" is a program that has never been watched here until recently as some some back episodes have been seen.  It's unclear why it never clicked but it will be given the opportunity as a new season begins on November 5.  Following it will be a completely new program that has potential if the adverts are a fair guide --- single mother eccentric who loves basketball...

That's it for anyone with interest.


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