Tuesday, December 26, 2017

ByteFence --- malware protection that is itself malware

This product somehow installed its advertisements on my desktop about a month ago.  It was never sought or authorized.  It became a regular pop-up on my screen, exorting me to enable it as a protection against malware that they had already detected.  The ad was deleted each time it showed up.

Then three days ago what was presumed to be the ByteFence pop-up box came up just blank.  One eighth of the screen was taken up with a white box that had X no click.  Dealing with this type of issue is not my strength, far from it, but being agitated and annoyed is one of my strong points.  I clicked around the edges of the box, in various parts of the box, all futile and ludicrous.  The control panel was examined. No dice. The computer was shut down and turned off.  On reboot my white box was still there.  Argh.

Then the company and its product were looked up on Google.  It seems to be legitimate but there were several entries that gave information about deleting it.  The main one was contacting the company.  Last resort in my view, having no interest whatsoever in interaction with my computer predator.

Back to the control panel today before my coffee buzz became too accelerated, I did find bytefence tab.  Do I dare click on it.  Doing so, there was not option to deal with my dilemma.  Back on the main screen the white box was still there.  On my last post here, I had to stop at this point as the white box covered the bottom right of my page.  That probably helped my comment, forcing brevity.

After a long read and a short nap, I logged on again and was agitated to see the white box.  Control panel again.  I have no idea what was done right in my fiddling around, but the box is now gone.  The question now is how can one be protected from ByteFence malware?


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