Saturday, December 23, 2017


Last month a "special offer" arrived inviting me to become a member of the Smithsonian Institution for $8 a year.  The effort to send in the check seemed to be worth it.  I had been there as a child on a trip with my parents, went to college in D.C., and spent time there with children three times, so had been to the museum often.  The membership would include information, free admission, and a magazine.  There was definitely nothing to lose.

Since then, the December and January-February editions of the magazine have been received.  Each has been well done and with an array of exceptional photographs.  The December issue had the 2017 Ingenuity Awards, focusing on "new ideas and the amazing people behind them".  The issue just received is titled "1968", subtitled "the year that shattered America".

On top of that, the advertising is some of the strangest around.  It could almost be "Grit".  What about Athena Pheromones, NoFat51, GetEnergy73, Brain Awake, Carnaval Faceted Emerald Neckless - 50 carats for $95, 3 Indian head cents for $4.95, or the World's finest eye cream.  It's all there, and strange.  The back cover does have a more practical ad for a Mitsubishi hybrid,but overall they reflect the museum to some extent with its eclectic content. That said, John Dillinger's member really is not there.

If this offer arrives in your mailbox, a subscription may be warranted.  Products advertised may not be.


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