Thursday, March 01, 2018

Trump implosion beginning...

---H.R. McMaster is out and now an executive for Ford Motors who did something in the Bush administration will become National Security Adviser.  He has no substantial background  This is the most dangerous thing to happen to date in the incoherent Trump foreign policy approach.  McMaster told the truth... another one gone..

---The tariffs are not only stupid but they are self dealing.  Wilbur Ross has huge interests in steel companies.  A trade war will damage the economy.  Something negotiated could have been reasonable, but a one off stance without talks is beyond comprehension in this global economy.

---Melania wants to get back to Mar-a-Largo for her spa treatment and nails.

---Market sell-offs can become self sustaining and could possibly lead Trump, who has zero understanding of financial markets(pure real estate hustler), to take some financial intervention that would make things worse.  His patsy Mnuchin is the worst self dealer in the cabinet and will agree to anything that lets him keep his job.

---Ben Carson's wife bought new office furniture as HUD trims multiple projects for the poor.

The true government unwinding is beginning...

"Unwinding" credit to George Packer.


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