Sunday, July 21, 2019

Short takes...

---The Saturday NYT article on Li Na being inaugurated into the Tennis Hall of Fame was worthy of attention.  When she started playing seriously, much of China did not even know what the game was.  There were no tournaments in China at that time, but her development attracted government control with limited support.  She persevered and eventually won two majors, French and Australian Opens. Today there are 11 tournaments in China, and a growing contingent of international players.

---Watching the British Open on Saturday, the announcers had a proclivity to ascribe certain shots and their outcomes to luck.  Of course luck is involved in any sport, but for the most part the skill must be there for luck to happen.  For example, Shane Lowry, an Irishman, hit a shot out of terrible rough, landed it in front of the green, after which it bounced to a hill at the corner of the green and rolled down to within a foot of the pin.  These are experienced links players and I submit that Lowry intended for that outcome and it was not just happenstance as suggested by the chuckling announcers.  Just an opinion.

---The PYXUS International Inc. annual report was received today.  They are the successor to Dibrell, Dimon, Alliance One, etc.  Annual reports of this weight and length with attaching proxy statement are almost things of the past, but not with PYX.  They tout leaf tobacco business with a 4.9% increase in volumes and in Canada its increase in local hemp recreational product, "targeted to reach over 140,000 kgs annually." That's a bit different from Arlo Guthrie singing "flying into Los Angeles, bringing in a couple of keys."  A new joint venture opened a new facility in North Carolina for industrial hemp extraction.  Ready for a conversion?  PYX trader here and it has been good to me.

---Facebook Messenger is buzzing today, while often silent.  Forget the naysayers on FB, it's an effective way to communicate.  Of course I don't discuss very personal issues or lay out passwords, or slander anyone, never have.  What me worry?


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