Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back broken on middle east war exploits

The massacre of women and children last week by a U.S. soldier was the end of any U.S. general populace support for the war efforts in the Middle East.

After the carnage in Iraq that now continues and will erupt into a full scale civil war within the next year, the transparent corruption of the government that we prop up with billions in Afghanistan, the "Arab Spring" that now has a combustible situation in the very important Egypt, and the international community's inability to do anything other than watch the awful killing in Syria, it is understandable that this atrocity by a U.S. soldier would be the event that would shift opinion. All of the focus on why this happened is irrelevant. It happened.

While there is a widely held view that Iran should not become an armed nuclear power, there is no appetite for U.S. direct involvement. Heck, Pakistan is far more dangerous in many ways and already has over a hundred nuclear warheads, ready to go. We have no more control over that country and what may happen there in a few years than we do over Iran. Iranian leaders say things that are close to insane, but as a country they are far more educated and secular than Pakistan. Pakistan is a country traditionally run by a handful of incredibly wealthy families who fight with each other for control. When their cartel breaks, all hell will break loose(sorry for the cliché, but liked the cartel/hell rhyme).

There is no time in recent history when it is more important to work with our allies, bring in Russia and China to the consensus, Israel too, and calm down this Middle East situation. I think that the lightweight Republican candidates, all of them, should just shut up and let our country's leadership, state department, intelligence services, and military just do their best to bring some calm to a situation that needs diplomacy.


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