Friday, March 30, 2012

Mojo Nixon, Sirius XM

New to Sirius XM radio outfitted in a car, a wonderful discovery has been Mojo Nixon's weekday 4pm to 6pm show on Channel 60. That's the Outlaw Country channel. Mojo, born aka Kirby McMillian in Danville, Virginia, combines rough country music, really oddball funny country music that is great, and the Rolling Stones and other groups that bought into the country vibe. So far there has been no bad country music at all, no pop Nashville, no Alabama rock bands, none of that unattractive pablum.

Mojo remains tethered to his hometown, today mentioning the Martinsville races near "30 miles from his hometown Danville" as well as playing some country song by someone about Riverside Drive. He also calls Louisville as the winner against Kentucky tomorrow, something dear to my hopeful heart, but he uses language that I have no problem with but would not put on this blog.


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