Thursday, January 07, 2016

Those "dangerous" food antibiotics

Having experienced some stomach distress over the past week, nothing severe but nothing anyone would want to hear about, I read with interest a January '16 Consumer Reports article on antibiotics in food.   There was a table listing major chain restaurants and whether they allowed food with: one, "antibiotics for growth promotion", two, "antibiotics for disease prevention", or three, "other drugs".

With a few variations marked by asterisks, all major chains allowed all of the above with the exception of Burger King which bans antibiotics for growth promotion(must have found a way to make a Whopper without that),  Panera Bread, which bans all three categories, and notably Chipotle Mexican Grill which also bans all three categories as well.

Looking at Chipotle's current disaster, it could seem to some that their focus on purity was somewhat premature.  As to Panera, their menu is not as fresh produce and meat oriented, lots of prepared meats, as that of Chipotle which must rely on regional vendors.  As a big Chipotle fan, this has had an impact.  Why go back until this has all settled down. Whatever is in Gonzo's burritos, they seem healthy and taste exceptional, and an extra ten minute drive is worth the trouble if it means little or no perceived risk.


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