Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cruz Trump

The Republican party has given our country a difficult final pairing, if that turns out to be truly the case.  Following Trump had at times been entertaining, but that is now beyond old.  Trying to listen to Cruz and accept him as a genuine person is almost impossible.

Donald Trump is making an effort to say at least one provocative, thuggish, irresponsible, or boastful thing a day, anything that will keep him in the headlines.  He is succeeding.  It is possible that he has peaked too soon, but how many times has that been said by how many observers.  His comments on other countries and foreign policy are particularly objectionable, and not all wise, as other countries are more sensitive about what he says in that arena than most Americans are.  Of course they are.

When Trump makes comments about Japan, South Korea, NATO, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Belgium, or any other country, what he says is highlighted in the media there.  He is not yet President and it's highly unlikely that he ever will be.  How could he be so blind and arrogant as to give off the cuff remarks about issues about which his real information is limited.  He is dangerous now here and abroad.  Here, if he helps those feeling frustrated and left out of the electoral process get more involved, that's not all bad. If he makes many others feel threatened or abused in doing that, that is all bad.  What a creep, but some would answer that comment by saying "at least he's our creep."  Not here.

Cruz has run a campaign that is so disingenuous, full of half truths, and unethical political trickery that it is difficult to keep up with.  Unlike Trump, he maintains either a serious demeanor or one of practiced charm at all times. Yet, the policies he favors are off the charts right wing anti-government, anti-regulation bromides. His ideological sincerity is questionable, and his real intentions seem to mirror the economic and social intentions of his closest financial supporters.

How many key supporters he actually has is unclear.  It is clear that literally just a handful of Koch related billionaires first funded his large PAC, and that he was checked out by them in early 2014 in meetings.  Once that core PAC was formed, it can fund other related smaller and differently named PACs that spawn by intention.  It is interesting how Cruz has rarely mentioned the word PAC, except in saying that he has no knowledge of them or control of them.  He was there with them at the outset. One could guess that as he watched Bernie Sanders, he all of a sudden, and it was all of sudden, began talking about the 1.5 million individual contributions that he has received.  Those can be manufactured and those cannot be verified.  There is no real evidence that there has been such an outpouring of energy for Cruz.  But modest Ted thinks he can lie at will.

There is enough that has been written about all of this.  Finally something needed to come from here, if only to relieve the tension.  Now said.

There was a post about Ted Cruz on ENS dated October 5, 2013.  Check it out in the archives here, and it will all sound familiar even if from back then.


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