Monday, March 28, 2016

Tax time

It took about five hours yesterday and most of this morning simply to find, assemble, organize, and thoroughly check all documents necessary for our accountant to do our family's tax returns.  It's almost impossible to believe that until four years ago we did not use an accountant.  That's stubborn for you.  "I should be able to do my own taxes!" was the thought.  It was something along the lines of huffing and puffing and saying that any American should be able to...

This is an interesting time for voters to go through this process.  While Congress absolutely never does anything to simplify the process or correct obvious problems like the AMT, the candidates all have something to say about it.  Ted Cruz's ludicrous idea of abolishing the IRS and having some sort of regressive flat tax might seem appealing to some at the moment.  Bernie Sanders' idea of raising taxes on many might not, but it's possible that it would not bother his constituency, just maybe the parents of that group.

The only thought here at the moment is "what a relief" it will be to pass the baton on to a CPA.


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