Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday dinner, a melange from the frig

Tonight's meal will be a mixture of good food, some leftover and some purchased on Friday.  There will be a side order of Gino's linguini marinara not touched two nights ago, with three veal and pork meatballs from Cippolini Pronto, all with some Rao's pasta sauce added.  Microwaved on medium heat, longer but better.  In addition there is teriyaki salmon from North Shore Farms that is a staple of our diet weekly.  From last night's Pita Station dinner there is Greek rice and grilled vegetables, as well as a tomato, beet, feta, corn, and walnut salad that is large and never finished in one night.

Kathy will prefer the rice to the linguini, but will certainly try the meatballs as they are made her way. Pasta will be my focus for better or worse, and the meatballs will be my major source of protein as opposed to the more healthy salmon.  There's plenty of that for tomorrow.

That's an update from here that does not mention Trump...   darn, he slips in.


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