Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate accords is now a fact

Decisions made by Donald Trump fuel his need to build his ego and reflect his power more than any thoughts of substance.  Many people know that.  After the usual appallingly obsequious introduction by Pence, Trump first praised his own management of the economy and stock market, as the lawn full of sycophants applauded politely.  Then Trump moved into his Make America Great Again and America First themed campaign comments.

His speechwriters, primarily Bannon it is presumed, had given him a litany of "facts" about the negative consequences of the Paris accords.  The source of these facts was one "institute" of unknown regard, and from whatever grab bag of sources that had been handed to him.   He repeatedly claimed that the largest polluters were not contributing to the accords while the burden largely fell on America.  Have his advisers shielded him from the fact that the U.S. is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions, after the much larger country of China, and roughly tied for the third largest emitter were India and Russia, both at around one/third of U.S. emissions.  How could his remarks essentially deny this?

After his comments that were mostly a list of either unsubstantiated or out of context claims about the agreement, Trump introduced the improbable head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, an unabashed climate change denier.  Pruitt picked right up from Pence's opening, expressing his gratitude for being able to serve the President and his admiration for him.

This was difficult to watch, but it feels like a necessary chore.  Once again Trump may be surprised at the country's reception to this.  He ignored the entreaties of many influential corporate leaders and their voices will be heard later today and tomorrow.  More activism is coming.  The majority of millennials are serious about this subject.  Many will speak up.


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