Friday, October 20, 2017

2016 MSF annual report

In the mail today came the US annual report of Medecins Sans Frontieres, aka Doctors Without Borders.  Reading this update was a reminder of what a remarkable organization this is.  In 2016 it was partially supported by $356 million from public donors in the United States, many corporations but also many individuals, some notably wealthy but also multiple thousands of dedicated backers.  Of these donations, 89.6% went to program services, 9% to fund raising, and 1.4% to general management.  That compares favorably to almost any, perhaps every, charity that is well known here.

There is a list of major program directors from America to multiple countries with their states of origin.  As an example, in Malawi managers are from Virginia, Oregon, New York, and California.  In South Sudan there are over 80 U.S. nationals --- doctors, nurses, pharmacists, epidemiologists, and coordinators from all over the country.  In Ivory Coast volunteers from Indiana and Kentucky and in Libya from Florida, New York, and Rhode Island.

The report begins with the following from the President and the Executive Director of MSF-USA.  "Over the past year, as nativist arguments for walls and other barriers to keep people out gained strength in the United States and around the World, the core mission of Doctors Without Borders was challenged as never before...   Well, the purpose of the magazine of course not only to inform but to encourage continued donations.

The document is worth reading if one comes your way.  As well as reading, some of the photographs are exceptional.  One of a refugee Yazidi family is both beautiful and heartbreaking.


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