Sunday, October 22, 2017

Chronic attention seeker Carter is at it again

Talking with NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, former President Jimmy Carter offered his services to President Trump as a negotiator with North Korea.  Apparently to enhance the offer, he opined that NFL players should stand for the  national anthem and find another way to make their views known.  When asked if Trump was deepening racial divisions in the country Carter response was that he was but maybe not on purpose.

During the discussion with Dowd he took swipes at Presidents Clinton and Obama but expressed the opinion that the media is harder on Trump than it had been on other Presidents.  When asked if Trump was hurting the U.S. image in the world he defended Trump, saying he might be escalating it but that it precedes Trump.  One could wonder if Carter is paying any attention to what the Trump administration is doing and the things that Trump is saying day in, day out.  Maybe not, as Carter's addictive need for attention takes precedent.  Those who thought he had hit bottom several years ago when he developed a sinecure for approving elections as fair in Central America and elsewhere after being in whatever country for a day or two have been proved wrong.  He is insatiable, a different word from Dowd's use of "indefatigable" in describing Carter.  Both words can be applied.

Dowd's article mentions the photograph of the former presidents from four years ago when Carter stood off to the side, and he later explained why, saying that "his role as a former president is superior to the others".  He stands at the edge again in the hurricane relief photo of recent days.  How can this man who presents himself as such a committed and pious Christian say that he is better than other people.  Some could even think that he is an incorrigible hustler of attention.  He promotes laudable causes but pandering to Trump is beyond the pale.

We will see if Trump decides to find a way to exploit Carter or just ignores him.


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